Employee Engagement Was Never More Important Than It Is Today

We will save you a fortune in retention costs by helping you keep your team engaged.

I hope your business is teaming with engaged employees who build strong relationships with your customers and co-workers? But if that’s not the case, take note: Employee engagement was never more important than it is today.

Use your leadership powers to make this a priority. And it will happen.


We understand the challenges facing businesses today and will give your employees the interpersonal tools necessary to build strong relationships. We will also train your managers to learn and understand what it takes to be an engaging leader, because engagement starts at the top

Creating a viable culture of employees who take pride in a job well done, want to make customers happy and know that you support them is critical in today’s climate. Remember; Engagement is not an event; it’s a verb.

– Doreen Lang

The cost of turnover is in the trillions and it does not have to be that way. Hang on to your stars before they fizzle out.

Say This, Not That

Do you want and need to say something important to someone but can’t find the right words?

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Virtual Camaraderie Campfires

How do you Hang on to Your Virtual Stars and keep them engaged and connected?

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Customer Service Training

In this highly competitive environment, great service hits a home run. Engaging customers is never more critical than now. Are your employees knocking it out of the park?

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Leadership Coaching

Do you managers lack leadership skills?

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Doreen A. Lang
Author, Speaker and Consultant
B.S. Education, M.Mgmt, Ph.D. Candidate

Doreen has been on a mission her entire career to help organizations save a fortune in turnover costs and loss of productivity by shifting an ineffective culture to one which creates harmony and employee retention, and she can do that for you.

Author of three highly popular books, Hang on to Your Stars. The First 90-Days: A Step-by-Step Employee Engagement Solution for the Senior Living Community, How to Drive Employee Retention: In the First 90 Days and Putting Differences to Work. These are all part of the “Hang on to Your Stars” series of books that provide leaders and managers with the strategies necessary to create a highly effective culture that retains top talent while saving them a fortune in turnover costs.

Hang on to Your Stars Book Cover
Hang on to Your Stars

The First 90 Days: A Step-By-Step Employee Engagement Solution For The Senior Living Community

Putting Differences to Work by Doreen A. Lang
Putting Differences to Work

Secrets From a Multi-Generational Workforce

How to Drive Employee Retention
How to Drive Employee Retention

In the First 90 Days