Are you sick of hearing about the same staffing issues from the same managers? Are you tired of paying a fortune in employee turnover and dealing with all the disruptions this creates? Then STOP and ask yourself, “Do I have managers who are lacking the skills necessary to lead? If your answer is “Yes” here’s how we can help.

If you have good managers but they’re not leaders, consider providing them with leadership training. I have a proven track record of turning around dysfunctional cultures and creating strong and productive cultures by working closely with managers and giving them the skills they need to succeed. If you desire a workplace where employees are conscious of spending, feel positive and enthusiastic about the work they are doing and get the job done. I am the ‘360 degree fixer.” Stop doing the same thing and hope for the best. Let’s help your managers to be successful – so everyone wins. This will give them what they need to hang onto their stars.

How We Can Help
Leadership Coaching
for Managers

Onboarding is Key to engaging and retaining talent, but you can’t stop there.

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Customer Service Skills Training and Team Building Workshops

In this highly competitive environment, great service hits a home run. Are your younger-generation employees knocking it out of the park?

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An expert on creating highly engaged work places, Doreen Lang is passionate about empowering leaders to create an employee centric workforce saving their organizations a fortune in turnover.

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Doreen A. Lang
Author, Speaker and Consultant
B.S. Education, M.Mgmt, Ph.D. Candidate

Doreen has been on a mission her entire career to help organizations save a fortune in turnover costs and loss of productivity by shifting an ineffective culture to one which creates harmony and employee retention, and she can do that for you.

Author of three highly popular books, Hang on to Your Stars. The First 90-Days: A Step-by-Step Employee Engagement Solution for the Senior Living Community, How to Drive Employee Retention: In the First 90 Days and Putting Differences to Work. These are all part of the “Hang on to Your Stars” series of books that provide leaders and managers with the strategies necessary to create a highly effective culture that retains top talent while saving them a fortune in turnover costs.

Hang on to Your Stars Book Cover
Hang on to Your Stars

The First 90 Days: A Step-By-Step Employee Engagement Solution For The Senior Living Community

How to Drive Employee Retention
How to Drive Employee Retention

In the First 90 Days

Putting Differences to Work by Doreen A. Lang
Putting Differences to Work

Secrets From a Multi-Generational Workforce