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Are your generations colliding?

We are Employee Retention Specialists. We help organizations that are struggling with employee turnover save a fortune by stopping their turnover in its tracks.

How We Help You

We deliver our popular TALKS that guide hiring managers to improve their onboarding practices resulting in employee retention. These TALKS provide tried-and-true results.

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We create your own customized First 90-Day Onboarding plan.

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Gen-Blend Workshops

We facilitate highly interactive and fun employee (Camaraderie Campfires) workshops that effectively blend the generations for an improved culture.

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Doreen A. Lang
Author, Speaker, Consultant

Author of How to Drive Employee Retention: In the First 90 Days which provides any organization with the steps necessary to retain new employees and save a fortune in turnover costs.  Also, author of Hang On To Your Stars. The First 90-Days: A Step-by-Step Employee Engagement Solution for the Senior Living Community to help leaders and managers in senior living communities achieve highly profitable communities through employee engagement.