Employee Engagement Pays Off.

Employee Engagement Pays Off.

Leaders have a critical 90-day window of time to onboard and drive an engagement program to create a happy and productive new employee who will benefit the organization. So, let’s look at what engagement is all about.

There are many definitions of employee engagement, including the highlights below:

  • Having clear
  • Understanding their position is fundamental to the organization’s purpose and objectives.
  • Feeling supported, encouraged to build on their skills, and appreciated for the work they do.
  • Having access to training and professional development.
  • Having a deeper commitment to the team, which results in few sick days, conflicts, and complaints.
  • Feeling proud to be a part of their team and to work for a supportive manager.

To hire and retain some of the best health care professionals means you must create a different kind of plan to attract Millennials. You’ll need to identify and utilize varied recruiting avenues like never before. To reach out and know where they learn and play is the key to learning the language of this emerging demographic. With technology as their first language, they are all connected and just a click away. Social media is a highly effective and often the easiest way to reach out and connect with them.

Engagement is about a lot of things, but the bottom line is that employees who believe that an organization genuinely cares about them and wants them to develop professionally are more productive, content, and fulfilled. This creates a domino effect: Engagement leads to a happy and productive workforce; subsequently, employee retention equals quality resident care.

In any relationship, we all ask the same questions:

  1. What am I getting?
  2. What am I giving?
  3. Do I belong here?
  4. Am I in it for the long haul?
  5. How can I continue to develop?
  6. Am I happy?

It’s no different for employees in the workplace. They want to be part of a community where they are happy and successfully engaged in the work they love alongside people they respect and enjoy.