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How the Caregiver Shortage is Hitting Home

How the Caregiver Shortage is Hitting Home

South Shore Senior News recently posted an Article titled “How the Caregiver shortage is hitting home. Their article couldn’t be more relevant to the crisis senior care providers are dealing with now. The caregiver shortage is not coming, it is here and it is now!

Just last week I was speaking to executive level directors that are running these facilities. When I asked them what they were experiencing as their #1 facing their industry, they told me getting new employees to show up. This is is a scary and dangerous situation with the volume of boomers retiring and living longer.

My questions began to form around, what are your hiring practices, what are you doing to attract new employees? When they do come in, what is your onboarding system? Do you have one? That is where I can help, I want to help businesses put a system in place to plan for employee retention success.

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