What matters to Millennials in the workplace?

What matters to Millennials in the workplace?

Millennials place great importance on being able to work without being micromanaged. The technical resources available to this generation have enabled them to become extremely independent. Through digital connectivity, they can find solutions and opportunities on their own as well as make new connections. They look for employers who listen and value their input, regardless of their positions within the organization. They want to receive regular feedback, positive reinforcement, and be recognized and rewarded based on their contributions. Above all, they look for opportunities to lead, create, and innovate. Millennials seek more feedback, responsibilities, and involvement in decision-making. Managers need to create an environment where they feel supported, valued, and reassured that their positive results will accrue to their benefit.

Millennials want to be a part of a socially communicative organization. They have learned to use social media as a means for seeking opportunities and sharing ideas. This stimulates them, and they expect to be a part of those circles. They not only want to make the world a better place, they believe they can.

Provide community-wide volunteer days to create an engaged team-based company culture. Millennials look beyond pay and benefits and focus on a company’s work culture. Corporate volunteerism should be part of the over-all strategy to keep employees happy while building an engaged workforce.

They look for low-cost health-benefit packages that include high-quality insurance plans. They expect healthy incentive programs with the ability to manage their benefits on their own through digital tools. Comprehensive benefit programs that include additional perks, such as discounts to local gyms, health programs that focus on preventive care, etc., are their expectation and the norm for this generation.

Millennials expect a constant dialogue about the organization’s plans, changes, and goals. When you offer opportunities for mentorship and coaching, you create an environment that fosters connections and opportunities. Millennials are looking for companies that care about the future of the world and care about their professional growth. They want to work with, not for, their supervisors.