Building Inclusive Teams Panel at LiveWorx Boston

Building Inclusive Teams Panel at LiveWorx Boston

What an exciting convention yesterday in Boston at LiveWorx. I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this highly charged panel as we spoke about inclusivity and diversity in this Multi-generational workforce.

My upcoming book Putting Differences to Work, discusses this topic. Read the interviews to learn what motivates and retains your multi-generational workforce.

Putting Differences to Work by Doreen A. Lang

For the first time in history there are five generations working under the same roof. Never before have we had such an age-diverse workforce, and for many organizations it’s creating a difficult and challenging workplace.

When it comes to embracing diversity, the focus has typically been on race, ethnicity, and gender, but we have neglected to address age. Age is a significant factor as it relates to communication, skills, abilities, and the gap in technology expertise.

Learning about and applying all these differences to foster a culture of inclusion allows a diversity of views and talents to be utilized and valued—resulting in a highly engaged and fruitful workforce.

There are thousands of books written about why it’s important to onboard employees, how to motivate people and how to be a great boss. However, they are written by people who think they know what makes employees tick.

This book is different.

If you really want to know what your employees are thinking, ask them. We did just that.

We interviewed 25 working people from all five of the generations with questions such as:

  • What about your job gets you up in the morning?
  • What about your current work motivates you?
  • Can you describe or tell me a story about the best boss you ever had?

Their responses were honest, interesting, and unedited. If you want to create an inclusive culture of productive and engaged employees, this information is priceless.

Putting Differences to Work will be released next month, in the meantime you can download my free e-book Top 3 Motivators that Retain a Multi-Generational Workforce.