Doreen returned to the Boston Herald Radio Show Yesterday to Talk About Her Exciting New Book

Doreen A. Lang returned to the Boston Herald radio show yesterday to talk about her exciting new book, “Putting Differences to Work: Secrets From a Multi-Generational Workforce” coming out September 10th on Amazon! This new book is Volume II of her popular Hang on To Your Stars Series, that helps leaders and managers with best practices for staff retention. In her new book she interviewed 25 working people from all ages, learning how to engage a diverse workforce has never been simpler.

The show was entertaining and informative. If you have a few minutes, you can listen to it below.

Free gift:  Download Doreen’s free eBook on the “Top 3 Motivators that Retain a Multi-Generational Workforce.”

Send Doreen a message if you want her to come in and speak with your managers on how to engage your multi-generational workforce and save a fortune on turnover. Or her ever popular and effective, “Customer Service on Steroids” to retain your customers.