Welcome Aboard Program

Onboarding greetingAre you tired of employee turnover? Do you want to save a fortune in hiring costs?

For the first time in history organizations have four generations working together at the same time. In addition, organizations are facing an unprecedented number of workforce challenges. 

  • Over 50% of new hires quit within the first 90 days.
  • Nearly 70% of new hires are Millennials and they come with a unique set of expectations.

Did you know that onboarding is Key to engaging and retaining talent?

Do you have an effective onboarding program that meets those expectations? Ask yourself the following questions to find out.

  1. Do you have an effective onboarding plan that meets the new generations needs and expectations?
  2. Is your plan organized and consistent with the learning you require for your new talent to be effective?
  3. Do you have a person in charge of each new hire’s success?
  4. Can you rely on your onboarding program to create excitement beyond the first few days?
  5. Are you happy with the results of your current onboarding plan?

If you answered “No” to any of these question, don’t worry but ACT NOW!

Welcome to our “WELCOME ABOARD PROGRAM” it is a roadmap that creates an effective, affordable, and engaging onboarding experience for employee retention that works!

The Welcome Aboard Program includes all (5) packages listed below. Or you can select separate packages.

Package #1. Needs assessment

Provide you with a “needs assessment” to learn where you need help with your current onboarding program.

Package #2. Identify and prepare your Engagement Coordinator

Help you select and train an existing (or new) employee as your Engagement Coordinator to drive employee retention and keep your onboarding program on track. 

Package #3. Create your Master plan

Create an affordable and highly effective First 90 Day Onboarding Plan.

Package #4. Ongoing support for the Engagement Coordinator

Monitor and check in with Engagement Coordinator(s) for assistance with any issues or questions. The Engagement Coordinator will have unlimited availability to Doreen for the first 6 months. Includes 3 visits, and unlimited emails and phone calls.

Package #5. Debrief program success, adjust details if necessary.

Gather all engagement Coordinators, direct report managers and new hires together to discuss what worked and what did not. This only needs to be done initially and then randomly to make sure the plan is consistent, remains organized and hitting all training/learning etc. the new hire needs to be exposed to. Revise plan to incorporate all findings.

Bonus: Stay Interviews.

Stay Interviews help us to learn what your current employees are saying about your onboarding practices, learn what makes them tick and what engages them. We will share those results and make recommendations to strengthen your engagement practices. This is highly effective and can be a powerful way to get bottom line results.

Bonus: Camaraderie Campfires

These highly interactive and fun workshops blend the generations in a useful and meaningful way that results in an improved culture. Check out our “camaraderiecampfires.com or click on the “workshops” tab above to learn more. These are fantastic engagement tool!

If you would like to speak with us about our services, we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you and learn more about your business. Contact Doreen at 617-455-5636 or doreen@hangontoyourstars.com.