Virtual Camaraderie Campfires

How do you Hang on to Your Virtual Stars and keep them engaged?

Managing remotely can be complicated and challenging. Add a surge of national emergency and it becomes even more challenging to engage employees. Organizations across the world have changed to a partial or full-time work-from-home environment.

The challenge is trying to understand how to keep your virtual employees connected and engaged. These unexpected challenges facing business today are unprecedented, but leaders and managers can help keep spirits up by connecting teams on a personal level. Doreen Lang says that
“Camaraderie Campfires are the answer.”

Online Training

Camaraderie Campfires are highly interactive virtual team meetings because you need to think outside the box while your teammates work inside their box. Whether you want your managers to learn engagement skills to connect with their team mates or to discuss non-business topics to connect on a more personal level, both zoom meetings will bring them together. Doreen Lang can explain in simple easy to understand terms how Camaraderie Campfires can provide the meaningful connections teammates are missing.

Your team members will be guided to: 

  • Share a little about themselves
  • Learn more about their co-workers
  • Find common ground amongst each other and learn new perspectives
  • Gain a feeling of “we are in it together” even though we are apart.
  • Build lasting relationships that keep employees coming back for more.

According to a Gallup poll, people who have a best friend at work are more than twice as likely to be engaged compared with those who say otherwise.


Camaraderie is key for connecting and engaging.

Camaraderie Campfires run 1 hour, and done regularly, provide the meaningful connections teammates are missing. Try it once and watch what happens.

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