Customer Service Skills Training and Team Building Workshops

Doreen A. Lang Workshop

The Secrets of Customer Service

In this highly competitive environment, great service hits a home run. Are your younger-generation employees knocking it out of the park?

Research indicates younger generations lack the critical interpersonal skills necessary to provide outstanding service, thanks to the close relationship they have with their phones.

If this is a serious business challenge for you, this workshop is the answer.

Your employees will learn skills necessary to meet the service demands of today’s customers. They will learn critical skills such as the importance of first impressions, perceptions, listening skills, managing conflict, electronic etiquette, and more. The information is practical and powerful.

After one negative experience, 51% of customers will never do business with that company again. And the problem is only 4% of unhappy customers actually complain, the rest leave angry and tell anyone who will listen.

Don’t take that chance. This workshop will open their eyes and give them the skills they need to service your customers with excellence.

It’s a new workforce, and you need a new strategy! Your employees appreciate the fact that you care enough to help them by giving them the knowledge and tools they need to perform at their very best. Book your Customer Service on Steroids Workshop to give your employees more confidence in their interpersonal skills while giving them another reason to love working for you!

Customer Service on Steroids Workshop

This two-hour, highly interactive class offers the most important and effective solutions for improved customer service.

For optimal results, we recommend a maximum of 16 persons per workshop. The best times to gather are in the morning or for a lunch-and-learn session. This workshop leads to improved skills and a keener sense of personal behaviors. Bonus: It also creates a camaraderie among team members, which leads to improved retention rates. Expect your staff to enjoy it immensely. Plan on all staff participating to create consistent results across your entire team. These workshops include all materials.

“The techs loved your presentation. Although the workshop ended at 10:00 a.m., they were still discussing it at dinner. Looks like you made a great impact on them! Thanks again.”

National Sales Director, Hanover MA

Note: The workshop can be modified for enterprise-wide audiences with a slightly different format.

Customer Service Skills In-Depth Training and Coaching

The training consists of six weekly modules and takes a deep dive into effective solutions for improved customer service. Each module consists of two, hour-long sessions. Beginning with the second weekly module, the first hour provides coaching to assure skills learned in the previous week’s module have been retained and integrated into the day-to-day customer service function. The second hour tackles new skills. This system provides a unique method to build on skills learned while ensuring that knowledge is put into action and consistency is built and maintained across the entire team.

Topics that create loyal customers:

  • Perceptions and personal blind spots
  • Listening skills
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Disarming disgruntled customers
  • Email, business and personal cell phone protocol

Training include all classroom materials.

Each business is different. While the concepts apply to everyone, skill training can be custom designed to meet your specific business needs.

Ask about personalized one-on-one CS coaching for managers or employees.

Call 617-455-5636 or email me at, and let’s get this scheduled.