Hang On To Your Stars

The senior living industry has a serious employee engagement problem

Hang On To Your Stars

40% of new employees leave within the first 90 days

Less than 15% of employees are engaged worldwide

More than 50% of employees are looking to leave their current jobs

More than 75% of employees would work more hours for a more empathetic employer

Doreen A. Lang’s book, Hang on to Your Stars: The First 90-Days: A Step-By-Step Employee Engagement Solution for the Senior Living Community, answers the critical retention questions facing the senior living industry today and will save you a fortune in recruiting and hiring costs.

Lang explains why the senior care industry has an engagement problem; introduces you to the next emerging leaders, the Millennials; identifies the leadership traits necessary to lead; and takes you through steps on how to engage your new employees—before they even walk through the door. Through personal anecdotes, large data, and unique engagement games, you will learn to become the kind of leader who will make employees think twice before leaving.

For over two decades Lang has worked with hundreds of employees, run engagement workshops, and managed senior living communities. Working in the industry, she sees first-hand the retention challenges facing the senior care industry today. In Hang on to Your Stars, she shares the steps that she has followed to successfully engage and retain her own staff. Lang received the Excellence in Teaching award from UMASS Boston School of Education, and is a former faculty member of Bay State College and Bentley University. She has consulted for Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston City Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital, Tufts Medical Center, Jewish Vocational Services, Bunker Hill Community College, and Boston Health Care Consortium. She has run workshops for Mayor Menino’s health care initiative and written for Mass High Tech Magazine, The Boston Globe, and many other publications. Doreen currently manages a senior living community in Massachusetts.