Leadership Coaching for Managers

Onboarding greetingDid you know that managers are key to engaging and retaining talent? Did you also know….

1. Over 50% of new hires quit within the first 90 days.

2. It costs organizations trillions of dollars each year in employee turnover costs.

3. Are your managers involved in an effective onboarding plan that meets the business’s needs and expectations?

4. Is your plan organized and consistent with the learning you require for your new talent to be effective?

5. Can you rely on your managers to create excitement beyond the first few days?

Are you tired of hearing about the same staffing issues from the same managers? Do you want to promote a hard worker but they lack leadership skills? Is the result of their short comings high turnover where you are paying a fortune in employee turnover and dealing with all the disruptions this creates? If you are answering “Yes” to any of these questions look no further.

I have a proven track record of turning around dysfunctional cultures and creating strong and productive teams by working closely with managers and giving them leadership skills, they’ll need to succeed.

If you desire a workplace where managers are effective communicators, engage their team members, share common goals and create a positive and enthusiastic workplace, this coaching will give them what they need to hang onto their stars.

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