Say This, Not That

message coaching

Have you ever had a difficult conversation but couldn’t seem to find the right words? Do you want to confront but not offend?

Well, you can stop worrying. Let Doreen Lang a celebrated author, speaker and consultant help you to “say this, not that.” That’s right, she will help you to deliver doom with a silver spoon.

Here’s a true story…….last winter Doreen’s next-door neighbor had a dumpster in their yard which held construction debris from work they were doing. The problem was pieces of insulation were blowing onto Doreen’s yard. So, one morning Doreen saw her neighbor and told her that her new home addition looked fabulous and was beautifully done. She then asked her if she wouldn’t mind asking her workers to grab any insulation that landed in her yard expressing that it really was not their fault. Her neighbor’s eyes widened. “Wow, sorry” she said, and began to pick up the pieces on Doreen’s front lawn! Confrontation can be difficult. Whether it’s with a co-worker, boss, neighbor or friend Doreen Lang will help you to deliver doom with a silver spoon and keep those relations intact.

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