An expert on creating highly engaged work places, Doreen Lang is passionate about empowering leaders to create an employee centric workforce saving their organizations a fortune in turnover.

Her Engaging Speaking Topics for Leaders and Managers Include:

  • How to Drive Employee Retention in the First 90 Days.
  • The 5 Steps of a Successful Onboarding Plan.
  • How to Create Your Own Secret Weapon to Drive Employee Retention.

Employee Workshop or what we like to call “Camaraderie Campfires”

Let’s bring your staff together and they’ll participate in critical thinking exercises guaranteed to bring awareness and respect for each other’s differences. (A fun and inspiring team building activity)

Many of the current orientation programs were created during the Industrial Revolution for mass production and addressed manufacturing-based businesses.  This ancient paradigm is ineffective and does not successfully onboard the new generation of tech savvy workers – the Millennials.

Turnover costs businesses trillions of dollars a year. Isn’t it time to plan for employee engagement success, rather than budget for employee turnover?


“We were so excited to have author Doreen Lang present Author Talk: around her new book, Hang on to Your Stars. Doreen presented what seems to be a challenging topic in such a simple, engaging way. I highly recommend reading this book and implementing some of her great tips on retaining your “Stars”.”
—Matt Torrance, Engagement Director

“Doreen shows you how to keep your best employees, thru engagement, training and investing in them, as well as giving you the keys to understand the unique differences between Boomers and Millennials.”
—Bill Marr, Owner/President
Hopkinton Home Care

“I really enjoyed Doreen’s presentation. She explained the importance of employee engagement and simple ways for organizations to do so; ensuring that when we hire great employees, we can successfully retain them. She was a wonderful facilitator.”
—Marni Dunton, Director of Marketing & Admissions
Emmanuel House Residence

If you would like to speak with us about our services, Contact Doreen at 617-455-5636, doreen@hangontoyourstars.com or fill out the contact form on our Contact Page.  We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you and learn more about your business.