Workshop Testimonials


“We all know how hard it is to recruit new employees but more importantly keep the good ones. We recently held a two day All Executive Director meeting and had Doreen A. Lang the author of the book Hang On to Your Stars be our opening speaker. Doreen has many hears of experience as an Executive Director and leadership positions in Senior Living and wrote this book specifically for Executive Directors and managers (she totally gets the challenges of operating a community). Our Executive Directors loved her presentation and all the great ideas to create a 90 day engagement plan for new staff. Thanks Doreen for inspiring our leaders!”

J. Sallerson, Chief Operating Officer, Charter Senior Living

“It was my responsibility to contract with the finest instructors available to carry out the mission of the organization. Our hopes were quickly realized as the first workshop enjoyed record attendance and 100% retention. Word of mouth quickly traveled, and our program remained the flagship course in the list of offerings. Managers have commented on the phenomenal and immediate results of Doreen’s work, as evidenced by “180-degree improvement” in staff performance and critical thinking skills. One enthusiastic manager has enrolled her staff into the workshop on a rotating basis, to ensure all of them the same development opportunity. Course participants speak glowing of Doreen Lang’s personal, tailored approach to education and training.

I thoroughly enjoy working with Doreen Lang and have no doubt that she would be an asset to any program lucky enough to engage her.

V. McClinchy, M. Ed., The Boston Health Care and Research Training Institute


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Doreen of “Hang on to your Stars”!  After hearing her speak, and reading her book, also titled Hang on to Your Stars, I immediately knew that I wanted to involve her in the fledgling engagement program for new hires at our facility.

Doreen’s passion for engagement is genuine and infectious. Her ability to connect to the people with whom she works is a shining example of the characteristics she values in employers and in onboarding mentors (Ms. Keys in her book).

J. Conte, Client Care Supervisor, VCA South Shore Animal Hospital

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“I really enjoyed your workshop, I learned a lot about myself and how I am part of a situation. It is no longer me against them, we really are a united force. This was a milestone, I really thought by my being passive I was being a “good” team member, but I was just in the way. Not anymore, I know I can do better.”

M. Lanard, Weymouth

“I just needed to say “thank you” for turning on the light for me. I see my team as real people now and I want to know them better. Everyone is so different but together we are better. What I have learned about my peers in just a short time, I respect and see them as whole people with issues, just like me and I like them!” 

E. Jacbos, Boston

“I thought this was going to be a waste of time as many professional development courses bore me terribly. But you had me in the first few minutes and I wanted it to continue. Please come back and continue to open our minds, we need it. ?

C. Slotkin, Quincy

“Thank you, this workshop exceeded my expectations, it gave me the courage to learn and understand the people around me.”

C. Davenport, Boston

 “Thank you for teaching me to help to see myself more clearly, so that I may see others. You have truly opened my eyes and mind to a new way of thinking.”

S. Petrucc, Jamaica Plain

“The workshop was so helpful to me. I am going to listen, really listen for now on. I have missed so much by assuming the worse, THANK YOU.”

K. Everson, Dorchester

“Your workshop was very informative and will help me in my work life as well as my home life. I had one foot out the door, and now I am excited to return to work!”

J. Sanchez, Whitman